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Review from a student who took EE325
I had a choice between Driga and Chen. I choose Chen and it was the best choice. Some say that Chen is bad, but he's actually really good. You get a homework assignment every one or two weeks. If you go to office hours, he'll help you with the homework. He actually has the homework solutions with you so he wont beat around the bush and he will answer questions about homework. You get a 4 X 6 index card that you can fill up with equations, he says no problems, which is better than Driga. I've heard from Driga students that you're only allowed to have 20 equations on a sheet of paper. If he thinks you put too much equations on your paper, he'll tear your paper in half and tell you to choose a half. Chen is alot kinder and cares. His exams aren't too bad. Usually about 4 questions, one will be from the homework. And also the class day before the test, he has a review with usually about 4 questions which one of them will end up on the exam. So that's half of the exam already. I also learned something in his class. It wasn't just copying from my cheatcard onto the exam. You have to know something. The final wasn't too bad either. It was about 8 equations and you get to use either 3 or 4 index cards (I forget exactly how many) Overall, great class. I thought I was going to hate EE325, but it turned out to be one of my favorite classes.
Review from a student who took urKuoxEGppjhKaMBTst
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