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Review from a student who took ee 312
If there's anyway to take EE 312 somewhere else or w/ someone else I would HIGHLY recommend it...for beginning programmers this class is VERY hard...the programs are okay in the beginning but he doesn't really teach you how to program...he just goes through algorithms and what words mean and doesn't really teach you concrete stuff...the tests are VERY VERY hard...class averages vary because some people are geniuses and ruin the curve for the people that got in the 50s...this year he's going to curve our final and not our tests..which doesn't help much..there are 3 tests..about 11 due every week...and the final...I would seriously recommend not taking this class if you barely know anything about c...
Review from a student who took EE 312
Prof Chase is an interesting guy. He cycles his shirts every week (he likes polos A LOT). He is very dedicated to his students and wishes that they do well but is not sympathetic to those who bomb his tests despite good reasons. However, his tests are pretty average but his programs require lots of thought and debugging. Programming experience helps A LOT and is most likely necessary to get an 'A' in the class. Overall, he is a good prof but can't speak for nuts (long pauses like Bush).
Review from a student who took EE 312
i don't think any other prof could do a better job than chase in this course. the programs (11 of them, lowest grade replaced with a 100) take A LOT of time to do and count for 25% of the grade. The TA sessions count for 10%. Regular attendence will get you a 6/10 score for the TA sessions, asking questions may get you a 8/10 and is it possible to get a 10/10? Three tests count 15% each in which he replaced the lowest grade of these 3 with the average of the other 2. This final is cummualitive, very hard, and counts for 20%. the only knowledge of C programming i knew was from the prereq class for this class and i did very well on all the programs and barely got an A. This is mainly because the TA session grade. I thought sucking up to teachers was something you did in high school, but apperantly if you want a good TA grade you need to do this in discussion. old tests are provided and very useful. cut offs are 84.5 and up is an A 74.5 and above is a B, 64.5 and above is a C. good luck with this challanging but rewarding class.
Review from a student who took 312
Chase is a decent professor. The lectures can be pretty boring, but the assignments are not.
Review from a student who took EE 312
Professor Chase is an intelligent man, yet he is not always the most interesting person to listen to. He is extremely fair with his grading and the class is not difficult. There are programs throughout the semester (around 11), three tests and a final. Also, part of your grade comes from your attendance to the recitation section. The programming assignments are given almost once a week and get harder throughout the semester. The only downside is the book for the course is still the Patt & Patel book. This is by far the WORST book for this course, so it?s suggested that you buy a supplemental book. Chase is MUCH better than Wagner, so take Chase!
Review from a student who took Ee 312
This class is no joke, and you are expected to know a good bit of programming in C or C++ from the start, or you will struggle I think. If you happen to know the languages very well like I did, the class is mostly a matter of doing all of the programs well (make sure you understand the code instead of copying) and being attentive in discussions so you know how to work problems. On tests you'll have to write programs on the spot and that can be hard, you may want to practice. There is lots of room for error on some questions, so be careful and check work if time allows. The class was enormous, biggest I've ever had, several hundred. It filled up Burdine 106, and that room is BIG. Oh yeah, there is almost no book for this class, so don't count on cramming. You'll have to really know the material well and put in a good amount of time to get an A. He never struck me as the nicest prof either. Online slides are available to study.
Review from a student who took EE 312
Dr Chase is a really good professor. Granted his lectures are worthless most of the time, mainly due to the extreme size of the class, but overall I learned a lot in this course. I strongly recommend going to office hours if you are not very comfortable with programming; he's awesome one on one. This class has a pretty high workload so be ready to put in some time.
Review from a student who took EE 312
Chase is alright. I always felt his lectures were completely useless and rarely attended. There are 3 tests counting 15% each and a final counting 25%, programs count 25%, and I think attendance at recitation is 5%. The tests are pretty hard in my opinion and I'm an experienced programmer. Programs aren't so bad, however they are time consuming. Overall an alright course, but difficult to get an A in.
Review from a student who took EE312
Chase is an okay professor. You have many programs (maybe 11?), 3 exams and a final. DO all the programs. I made a mistake of not doing all the programs. I didnt do so well in his class because of that. EE312 is a hard class. With Chase, he expects you to know something when you first walk in. Wagner is slower at teaching, which is good. He walks you through the code. Wagner and Chase are both pretty boring. Many have said that Chase is better. But I think they're both pretty much the same. The programs get really hard towards the end. Wagner's programs aren't so hard. Chase's exams are pretty difficult as well. He puts tricky problems on the exam. Another problem with Chase was the class size. It was extremely too big and it was in a dark lighted auditorium which didn't go to well with sleepy,bored people such as myself. If you have a choice between Chase and Wagner, they're both pretty good professors. Just depends on how you like to be taught.
Review from a student who took EE 312
312 seems like a hard class to teach no matter how you slice it, and Chase seems to do a pretty good job. I can see it being extremely hard if you come in with no programming experience, but if you've had any C/C++/Java, you'll be ok. Definitely find some sort of reference for syntax, cuz the book sucks for C. Programs aren't too bad, but the tests are kinda hard. Find a friend and do the previous tests beforehand, they'll help immensely. Chase is a nice guy, and genuinely interested in programming, teaching programming, and his students, even if his lectures do get boring sometimes.
Review from a student who took EE 322C
The course workload is pretty high, since the programs take awhile and are usually in teams, and as we all know in programming, doubling team members triples the work. His lectures are very good. For those people (like me) who whine that professors don't give enough examples, Dr. Chase gives a LOT of examples, which made me happy. As for homework tips, make sure you use good style. You can never get "perfect" style (at least, I never did), even though you have what you think is a perfect program. The tests are the hardest and, to me, the most frustrating part of this class. The questions are full of tricks and loopholes. You have to be mentally sharp, and you can't study for them really well. You just have to go with your "programming instinct." Dr. Chase's purpose is to exercise your mind to be ready for real-world programming. The curve was supposed to be a global curve, but there were too many high scores in the class, so he couldn't give a curve. I got an A, though, and I did learn a lot even for being a relatively seasoned programmer out of high school.
Review from a student who took EE 312
Had very little knowledge of C prior to the course. While his lectures are a bit of a waste of time, if you go to his office hours, he is 10X better at helping you understand it. If you're new to C you might want to go w/ Wagner, but I enjoyed the programs and he is an interesting guy.
Review from a student who took EE 312
Craig is a good lecturer (so go to class). He also gives you exams from previous years to study. Study them and study what he tells you study. If you do those, and try your best on your programs, you'll be fine. There's no book for the class.
Review from a student who took ee 312
It's true that he doesn't teach basic syntax--be prepared to talk to someone that already knows how to do it (his TAs were awesome). However, he does teach great problem solving strategies. Seems like a cool guy to me--down to earth and genuinely interested in what he's teaching. I only went to office hours once, and he was very helpful.
Review from a student who took EE 322C
By far the most difficult teacher for the subject, however intelligent he might be. Our third project was to write our own compiler... Tests are rediculously hard w/ half the class down in the 30's. If you're a balls-out kind of programmer and wanna learn more, but all on your own time, take chase. He's a good guy and very knowledgable, but id recommend avoiding him.
Review from a student who took EE 312
The programs aren't too hard, but some of them are time consuming. I worked extra hard to get an A for the program average, and I did, but it all comes down to the test grades. The tests can be very hard, and if you don't do well on the tests then it doesn't matter what your program average is. Class is very boring and it will seem like you don't learn much in the first several weeks, especially if you already know C or C++, but go to class because you will miss something important that will be on the test if you don't. He is very willing to help you if you go to his office hours, but he is not a very cheerful person.
Review from a student who took EE 312
tests were real hard, and i had 4 years of programming experience in high school. If you can take someone else then i recommend it.
Review from a student who took EE 380L
He is the professor who would help every student way beyond imagination. Lectures are clear, tests are hard, projects are good are some general comments. More interesting are the discussions. He makes a lot of effort in making each student comfortable likewise bringing absolute fairness in the system. A true professor from the core, he brings a clear mirror to the student bringing his/her qualities and ways to improve his/her problems.
Review from a student who took EE 312
I really don't understand why everyone thinks Dr. Chase is so difficult. If you don't understand something, go ask him and he will explain it to you! He's always willing to help. I thought his tests were not bad at all. He never asked anything that he hadn't covered in class, and he was very clear about the boundaries of the course (what he could/could not ask). People said they were too tricky, but just by paying attention in lecture, I got nearly perfect scores on all the exams. I would take him for 312 again.

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