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Review from a student who took PSY 301
TAKE HER!!! She's awesome!
Review from a student who took PSY 301
she does not curve (unbelievable, I KNOW!!!) and her tests are rather tricky. it seems that more than one answer is correct. she is a really amusing person though, and will definetly keep you awake. there is no final, so that is a great thing. she has a really cool personality and will admit that her ringtone is HOLLABACK GIRL. other psy classes did not work as hard... so if you are not a psy major, and you do not want to work hard then i suggest you take another teacher. also if you HAVE TO take her, do the quizes online. i did not discover that site until it was too late. she uses some of those questions. the address should be somewhere in the intro pages of the book. that book is really amazing and very entertaining.
Review from a student who took PSY 301
She is pretty young and that's usually good in profs. Younger profs may not have as much experience but they relate better and have upbeat lectures. Chase's lectures are pretty much from the book, but she talks about the important material so you will know what to expect on the test if you go to class. If you skip you can still get an A by studying the book. Tests were multiple choice, I think there were 4 and no final, so it is objective and you won't likely have to haggle about the grading. I learned a lot, take her.
Review from a student who took PSY 301
She is a really great teacher- really cute and entertaining. She is easy to relate to and her tests were really fair- as long as you do the reading for the class- which isn't bad. And she doesn't give a final, just four multiple choice tests, which is awesome. Lectures go by fast because she is funny and makes the stuff easy to learn. You actually take something out of this class. I highly recommend her.
Review from a student who took Psy 352
do not take this prof. i made a C in her class, thus ruining my perfect 4.0 GPA. she's a jerk
Review from a student who took PSY 352
do NOT take her if you want any kind of a decent grade. she seems like a cool person, but as a teacher, she's such a jerk. she doesn't want ANY contact with students, for any reason other than emegencies. and she puts everything off on her TA's. her lectures are extremely general, basically teaching what you learn day 1 of intro to psych, but her tests are incredibly detailed. i took the class with 7 or 8 friends, all relatively good students who make A's and B's, and even they struggled to get a B. most of them got C's. reading the book helps, but not nearly enough. i know there are teachers that are really tough, and don't give good grades, but who are interesting and worth learning from. but trust me, she definitely isn't one of them.
Review from a student who took psy 352
she's an actual psychologist so her tests are extremely detailed. don't take her if u want a decent grade.

Grades given in courses taught by Allison Chase

When teaching PSY 301

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 22% 40% 23% 8% 3% 4%

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When teaching PSY 352

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 9% 40% 28% 9% 4% 11%

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Rating Summary:

Personality: 3.86
Grading Fairness: 3.29
Lecture Quality: 3.57
Overall: 3.43

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