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Review from a student who took CS 347
This class is a good one to take... if taught by anyone else. I can't believe he just assigns C's like crazy - regardless of the difficulty of his rediculous tests. I sat around very smart are studious people and everyone I talked to needed about a 95 on the final to get a B. HIS TESTS ARE REDICULOUS. The grading for this class is cut throat and if they make a mistake, you have to remind them of it over and over. This happened to me and 4 of my classmates. He has pop quizzes. That wouldnt bother me but they are way too hard. Overall, this guy thinks you should spend all your time memorizing his class, instead of giving you just a cheat sheet for all that rediculous memorization. Stay away from this one unless you just need a C (for trying).
Review from a student who took CS 345
Worst class I have taken at UT to date. Horrible Professor. I see Professor Cook also teaches CS345 and I didn't take his course so will withhold generalizing my comments to CS345 Programming Languages. Cannata's method of teaching is fumbling around with technology randomly clicking through his powerpoint until he comes to some barf of a slide with horribly formatted random language then proceeds to go off on tangents involving quantum physics and entanglement. EVEN IF you can manage to stay awake, you will not learn anything. The only glimmer of teaching I have seen from him is the day before homeworks were due and everyone in the class was clueless... he actually explains what you need to do rather decently if you are willing to stay after class for one of these "catch-up sessions". For the first month, he was unable to get his laptop to work so was attempting to teach us lisp variants, lambdas, closures and the millions of parenthesis that they involve... he would never get the placement of the parentheses correct... and when asked to correct them he would waive it off "close enough" or "you get the idea"... this made learning what was going on incredibly difficult. I personally would avoid taking any of Cannata's classes.
Review from a student who took CS 345
Due to all grading sites describing CS345 as an A rating class when taken with Cannata a person realizes that this class average turns to a crawling C with insane amounts of work where the professor goes on tangents with such abstract explanations that you dont learn anything in Lecture and when you go to do projects and homeworks you have to learn everything yourself which makes going to lecture useless wherein you have a quiz every day. Needless to say that this class which was designated as A overall grade is false and you would be well advised to stay away unless you can learn all this youself.
Review from a student who took CS 345
Ok, I am the person who wrote the second review. I still stand by most of what I said, but in reality... Cannata is a nice guy and the class really isnt that hard. Just frustrating... He grades the final project rather easy and the final was optional for us. Anyways -- although I still think Cannata isn't the best Professor, he is a pretty cool guy.
Review from a student who took uzvGRmUVVuAu
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When teaching CS 347

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 21% 32% 28% 8% 5% 6%

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When teaching CS 328

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 21% 38% 23% 7% 6% 5%

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When teaching CS 327E

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 54% 8% 15% 0% 0% 23%

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