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Review from a student who took PSY 301
The course was a simple one, all based on class attendance. There is a strong correlation with attendance and exam grades so GO! Text book is only like 20 bucks?... 4 exams, no final... drops one at the end (he'll say that he won't) a 90 flat makes an A, no rounding. He's a cool guy with perverted jokes... Just don't let him "step on your toes."
Review from a student who took Psy 301
Easy A but BAD lecture. Dr. Buss can be only slightly amusing at times But if you're a Psychology major, you won't learn much useful information in this class. Take another professor who is younger and up to date on what's exciting in the field. Other professor's 301 classes are MUCH more interesting and worthwhile.
Review from a student who took PSY 301
Prof. Buss' class is entertaining at times, but is often excruciatingly boring. It consists of four multiple choice tests (the lowest is dropped). The material comes from his book and from lecture. He gives a break about 3/4 of the way through class and says for anyone to leave who wants to. DO NOT LEAVE! This is when he typically collects homework and teaches material which will be on the test. This class is fairly easy, but of little value. So if you're looking for an in-depth knowledge of psychology, look elsewhere.
Review from a student who took PSY 301
prof. buss is very entertaining. his lectures are funny, but i don't know about their relevance to the course. come to the class regularly, read the text, and take notes during lectures and you will do well. only three tests and seven hws. the seven hw are extra points that he picks up randomly. take this class, light workload (he often lets you out halfway through class), and a very entertaining course overall.
Review from a student who took psy 301
i really enjoyed the class. he dropped the lowest test score even though he said he wouldnt. His tests were harder than i thought they were going to be. But i must say i really found the class very interesting. I dont think i missed a single lecture.
Review from a student who took Psy 302
GREAT prof - totally entertaining, although sometimes he can be a little hard to hear even in the front rows. His tests are incredibly easy - just go to class and I gaurentee all you have to do to prepare for any of his 4 (50 mult choice question) tests is review your notes maybe half an hr before. His lectures are interesting so you'll remember the information. HW is extra credit, and also he drops your lowest test grade in the end. EASY A...interesting class and material - take him!
Review from a student who took psy 301
Really awesome and funny professor. He's been teaching forever, really knows what he is talking about and even wrote a coursebook that he uses for the class instead of a textbook. This is great because his lecture is so similar to the reading that it makes it easy to know what to study for the test. There isn't anything else to study besides your lecture notes and the concise, easily explained readings. I think the grading is really fair. Homework counts as extra credit and is really easy. He usually drops the lowest test grade (there's no final). I got an A and I think i learned a lot in the class as well. He has great lectures and you won't even want to skip the class!
Review from a student who took PSY 301
Good: Buss is a really interesting guy. He always brings up these interesting stories and says all these dirty perverted jokes. His lecture is worth going to because you are entertained, which is pretty rare so it's something you should appreciate. Also he grades fairly easy. His tests are all mulitple choice and 50 questions to be done in an hour. You also have HW, which he randomly picks up for extra credit, for one test question each. He may or may not drop tests, although he may have just said that to keep people from being lazy. Bad: If you're really interested in psychology or a psychology major, this class may be really elementary for you. He also tends to bring up sensitive subjects, and though he warns he may "step on a few toes", he says something that sensitive people may find offensive, like about religion and politics (this is generally pretty rare though). There's no curving in this class either so if you're one point away from an A, too bad. Also if you like sleeping, talking, or making out with your bf/gf in class, he may very well point you out, as he has done before. Finally, he makes you buy his book so if you already bought the general intro to psych. book, return it and if you can't, you just wasted money. His book can't be returned because he makes you rip out pages to turn in as HW and it costs like $20-30. Summary: Interesting, easy but also very basic psychology class. Take it for easy A for social science credit.

Grades given in courses taught by Arnold Buss

When teaching PSY 301

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 38% 39% 17% 4% 1% 2%

  All professors who have taught PSY 301

When teaching PSY 341K

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 48% 41% 5% 0% 1% 5%

  All professors who have taught PSY 341K

When teaching PSY 334E

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 54% 35% 4% 0% 0% 6%

  All professors who have taught PSY 334E

When teaching PSY 388D

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 88% 0% 0% 0% 13% 0%

  All professors who have taught PSY 388D

When teaching PSY 309

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 22% 36% 30% 4% 3% 4%

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Rating Summary:

Personality: 4.12
Grading Fairness: 4.62
Lecture Quality: 4.00
Overall: 4.12

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