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Review from a student who took Bio 301D
Bull is a really wacky professor. First off, since the class I was in was about 300 he takes attendance witht the CPS remotes, which can help to bump up your grade. You have about 3 or 4 homework assignments where you have to search for an article(dated within the last six months from your semester)and analyze the article with this specific format he provides. Those assignments were pretty easy, but it's the test that can get tough and tricky. He gives you questions that can have one answer, many answers or no answers at all. So, if you're the kind of person who can't comprehend that a question has no answer or that it can have 5 answers-this is not the class for you. His lecture is interesting and the things he discusses aren't boring, but it all boils down to his tests, which are really tricky.
Review from a student who took BIO 301D
Bull is awesome. He is very casual, and easy to approach. The class (BIO 301D), which he created, is also great. The first day of class, he said, "This is not a biology class." It just explores the scientific method.
Review from a student who took BIO301D
If you tend to not go to class, this is definitely not the class for you. Also, if you have difficulties with tests in general, this isn't the class for you either. His tests are just short of insane - although they are all multiple choice, the questions can have anywhere from no correct answer to 5 correct answers. I'm sure he's a great guy (I didn't actually attend enough classes to know), but if you, like me, have a tendency to miss these kinds of classes, save yourself the trouble and find another science class to take.
Review from a student who took Bio 310D
This class was very enjoyable. You can make an A if you take it seriously and study the old tests he has online... the exams are almost exact... but tricky. If you are hapy with your grade in Nov- you are done with the class!
Review from a student who took BIO 301D

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When teaching BIO 301D

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 27% 29% 29% 5% 4% 6%

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grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 35% 39% 14% 3% 6% 4%

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