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Review from a student who took M 427k
Workload was incredibly light considering the material is essentially difficult. Homework assignments consisted of 8-10 problems mostly from the first few problems in the section. Tests were generally easy if you do the practice tests that are posted online. Despite the line, "actual tests questions may vary," the tests were almost identical to the practice tests. The lecture leaves something to be desired. Then again, lecture was meaningless because I ended up pulling out a Gameboy Advance and played that for the hour. The biggest concern about this class is her teaching style of copying her own notes to the board. My advice, just copy and decipher later. If you're proficient with calculus, this class should be quite easy.
Review from a student who took M361K
Unless this is the only professor teaching the class, do not take her. Her lecture consisted of her copying her notes onto the board, which also matched the same wording from the book. So there really wasn't a need to attend class. Yes, she curves, but it doesn't help if the average grade is a 50 and one or two people make A's. Homework is due once a week. Sometimes it's alot and many times you may not understand exactly what to do. In office hours, she tries to explain a little more, but it will not help you much. The overall course is going to be hard, regardless of who you take it with. But she will make it unbearable and unlearnable. She made us retake the first midterm because she felt that the grades weren't where she wanted them to be. She did not grade them either, so no one knew how well or how poorly they did. She never gave a review for any midterm or the final. In fact, she covered material that she was not going to even test us on instead. Overall, I would not reccommend her to anyone!!!
Review from a student who took M361K
She made a mess teaching this class. Dint know what she was doin. Students were shoutin at her. When we asked her questions, she could'nt answer em. Instead she asked us to trust her on the proof that it was correct. She does not explain much....all she does is brings her notes and writes it down on the black board and reads it along.... very boaring...but she curves allot..thats the only thing good.

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When teaching M 361

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 40% 28% 9% 9% 5% 9%

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Rating Summary:

Personality: 1.33
Grading Fairness: 2.67
Lecture Quality: 1.00
Overall: 2.00

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