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Review from a student who took ECO 350K
Not the best speaker. He put me to sleep a few times, but maybe that was food coma. Anyhow, if you go to office hours, he will be willing to help you with anything. The course itself is not TOO hard, but it is challenging. If you find yourself struggling on the exam, the rest of the class probably is. Go to class, print notes out ahead of time. He curves.
Review from a student who took ECO 420K
Are you kidding me? DON'T TAKE THIS PROF for 420K if you can take Clements and get an A. Bose teaches straight from the book, his lectures are hard to understand, dry, and SO boring to get through. His humor sucks and don't add to his teaching. The only way I survived his worthless lectures and very ambiguous problem sets was by going to our TA multiple times. This class was a waste of time, and I am still struggling with microeconomics a year later. I was a straight A student until I took him, and don't forget the class is 4 hours and not just 3, so you're going to want a better prof who will actually help you get an A.
Review from a student who took ECO 420K
A good choice for ECO 420K. His lectures are pretty good, and if you know how to do the homework questions and practice problems, I think you will find the tests to be very fair. It's still a difficult class, but I think he really wants to see his students to learn the real-life meaning of what we are learning. He is really fun to talk to during office hours. Take good notes, work through the practice problems, and don't worry about reading the book.
Review from a student who took 420K
15% homework, two midterms-the lowest is 20% and the other is 30%, the cumulative final is 35%. He is one of the best teachers at UT. He has a good sense of humor and he understands that students learn differently and he adapts to that. If you go to his office hours he will be a lot of help and he recognizes how hard you are trying and that will reflect on your grade. This is a very difficult class regardless of the instructor, but Bose makes it tolerable. Do all the homework and know it front and back for the exam. Go to class everyday and take good notes. You don't have to read the book, but I think that it helps clarify things. Put as much as you can on the test becuase he gives partial credit. He also curves. I had an 80 on the first test and it curved up to an A. The first test is very hard, but the second isn't as bad as the first. I haven't taken the final, but it is cumulative.

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When teaching ECO 350K

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 41% 21% 15% 3% 3% 18%

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When teaching ECO 354K

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 33% 33% 17% 0% 11% 6%

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When teaching ECO 420K

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 65% 19% 4% 0% 0% 12%

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