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Review from a student who took CH 353
Bersuker's class is extremely horrible. I did not learn any physical chemistry in the class even though I supposedly got an A on every test. It's easy if you just memorize everything on his old tests. The old man gave the same final exam 2 years in a row. All of the homeworks are very similar if not the same. I went to less than 25% of the lectures... usually just to take the test, pick up the tests, pick up the review sheets. The lectures are horrible because he cannot speak coherent English. I have no idea why UT gave him his tenure because Bersuker is the worst teacher I have ever had. Even Dr. Wagner in the ECE department is better than Bersuker... that's saying a lot about how bad he sucks.
Review from a student who took CH f353
I forgot to mention that Bersuker goes by a straight 90% = A, 80% = B and so on scale. So you essentially have to memorize 45% of Atkins' Physical Chemistry (90% of the half of the book covered in PChem 1) in order to get an A. Good friggin' luck....
Review from a student who took ch 353
easiest class in the world if you have his old tests and hw because he recycles everything word for word. hardest class if you dont have access to his old stuff. you learn NOTHING in this class. tests are purely memorizing proofs. hw every week. he does not curve and >=90 is an A. first test is worth 80/1000 points second is 120/1000 third 150/1000 final 350/1000 hw 300/1000 +30 if you make 80% or higher or so on all the 10 hws.
Review from a student who took CH 353
Just plain bad. Exams require straight memorization of difficult material. Lectures are useless+thick Russian accent. You will learn very little physical chemistry and no applications. Easy B but not A. This class is highly inadvisable, do whatever you can to take someone else. I'm baffled as to how he is actually working here.
Review from a student who took CH 353
Easily the WORST professor I've ever had. The tests are in no way a fair test of your knowledge. He's completely incoherent in class, which makes it very hard to pay attention. Take anyone else for pchem-except for maybe Kohl, although he may be better than Bersuker.
Review from a student who took ch353
Personality of a cinder block. Hard to understand in lecture. Easy A tho if you do EXACTLY what he says, and are good at memorizing proofs.
Review from a student who took CH 353
The simple fact is that he sucks, the lectures are worthless, and you wont learn anything you shouldnt already know. His tests are easy, provided you have copies of his old tests and can figure out and memorize the essays.
Review from a student who took CH f353
We received no grades in the class until after the pass/fail deadline midway through the session, which would've made an instrumental difference in the decision to change my status in there. Found out the day after that deadline that I wasn't doing nearly so well as I thought. Dr. Bersuker's incomprehensible, and extraordinarily boring: he managed to make the HEAT DEATH OF THE UNIVERSE uninteresting. I've learned nothing, and eventually just quit going to class for all the good it did me. The work requires no understanding, just memorization of the text -- things that are essentially pointless to know and that any real chemist will just look up as necessasry. The only thing saving me in this class is the fact that I'm a pure math major, so I'm good with the proofs that I imagine most of the others in the class simply had to memorize. He's not a case of doing the best with difficult material; rather, it's really fundamental material that's not difficult that he manages to complicate. I've never rated a professor here with straight 1's, but Bersuker's course is pathetic. I'm dropping my chemistry major in a large part because he killed the field for me.
Review from a student who took Ch353
All the people who wrote reviews here flunked the coarse. Bersuker is one of the best professors around.

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When teaching CH 354

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 21% 38% 17% 7% 10% 7%

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When teaching CH 353

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 38% 25% 18% 7% 5% 6%

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When teaching CH 153K

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 21% 58% 16% 0% 5% 0%

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When teaching CH 354L

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 18% 29% 24% 13% 11% 5%

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When teaching CH 393L

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 100% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%

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