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Review from a student who took LEB 320F
Baker is funny, I?ll give him that. Taking his class is like watching stand up comedy. But if you are the type that get easily offended, I suggest to stray away. He just pokes fun at just about very religion, nationality, etc. With that said, he?s a stubborn SOB, don?t expect to convince him that you are right, he won?t listen. Some people think his class is hard, but I don?t think those people go to class very often. Dr. Baker (haha, he don?t like to be called Dr. Baker) will put the random-est stuff that he said in class on the test. He will tell you some of the stuff that he will put on the test, but not all. Because he doesn?t remember it all, so he asks for students to submit what he said. This is will he goes wrong, cuz people will make up crap. The random questions are about 20% of the test. Example: Q: ___ of life is just showing up. A: 86% - a number he just made up, because it?s not the normal 90%. Q: Prof B skipped ___ days of class A: 911 ? because of Porsche 911. So if you don?t show up for class, you are screwed on those questions. Other than that, his class is pretty damn easy. It?s pretty much logic. If you have certain rules, and in a given situation, how these rules would apply? That pretty much sums up what law is.
Review from a student who took LEB 320f
Baker is a pretty good teacher! However, you're on you're own in the class. He does not like to "baby sit" students as he calls it. If you ask him a question, he will most probably tell you to go look it up in a rude manner. If you're question is stupid, he'll mock you in front of the whole class. An intimidating person, however his lectures are fun and interesting. As for tests, they are pretty hard, you need to know how to apply the rules he teaches in class. YOU MUST ATTEND HIS LECTURES! He gives away "bakerism" questions that will come up on the test. For example, "whats baker's favourite ice cream?".
Review from a student who took LEB 320F
If you take him, you MUST go to class to do well on his tests.
Review from a student who took LEB 320F
Although his tests can be hard and he does put lecture questions on his exams to make sure you come to class (i.e. What president didn't go to college?), he is simply one of the best professors I ever had. Take this man. He freaking rocks.
Review from a student who took LEB 320F
Baker is HILARIOUS. He's such a great professor. One of the best ones I've had at UT. His lectures are always very interesting but his tests are just plain weird and tricky. MUST go to class because he asks random things from lectures in tests. Overall, a great class to take. You learn a lot about everything but hard to get an A

Grades given in courses taught by Mark Baker

When teaching LEB 320F

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 15% 42% 36% 2% 2% 2%

  All professors who have taught LEB 320F

When teaching LEB 380

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 55% 45% 0% 0% 0% 0%

  All professors who have taught LEB 380

When teaching LEB 323

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 20% 51% 24% 3% 2% 1%

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When teaching LEB 370

grade: a b c d f drops
percentage: 30% 61% 6% 0% 0% 3%

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Rating Summary:

Personality: 4.40
Grading Fairness: 3.40
Lecture Quality: 4.60
Overall: 3.80

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